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FBO Molding Machines



Control mechanism for new shooting pressure, to achieve uniform compaction density. But without sand performance constraints wide allowable range, easy management and mold of molding sand to achieve high precision. It is easy to operate and flexible molding machine capable of producing both
Other units used for the first time under the sliding box machine. Can be more safe and natural effortless posture comfortable to work.
Using a simple operating system who can use a touch pad. Easy to understand, convenient operation of the screen is more safe and reliable operation is possible.

Because of the top shot, it does not need too strict management of sand, compaction rate (CB value) high sand can be used.

Changing the template only when the double-sided film plate alignment positioning type on the shuttle frame can be put in a lock.
All the work processes of FBO machine happen in single station. It is suitable to produce different type of castings





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